Masters in foreign ports very often face disputes which require immediate intervention. As Seastar Consultoria operates in close contact with the local maritime community, we, at Seastar, are able to quickly asses the situation and give a prompt and correct legal advice.

Seastar Consultoria has vast experience in handling P & I class cases, such as:

  • Loss of life, personal injury and life salvage claims regarding crew members and third parties;
  • Assistance to P & I Clubs and their members in dealing with hospital, medical, funeral and repatriation expenses;
  • Stowaways, deserters and refugees;
  • Cases dealing with loss of or damage to any other ship, boat or fixed objects;
  • Damage to docks, piers, jetties, buoys, etc;
  • Oil pollution cases;
  • Claims for loss, short delivery or pilferage of or damage to goods;
  • Cases dealing with fines imposed by Government or customs authority, etc;
  • Cases of General Average;
  • Legal advice particularly with regard to the F, D & D of P & I cover, where Seastar lawyers can provide assistance in resolving disputes quickly and efficiently. Such, packages include disputes arising out of charter party dealing with deadfreight, demurrage, general and particular average, the defence action into the local Courts brought against the Members with respect to theis ships;
  • Bunkering disputes;
  • Claims by or against masters, officers, crew or passengers;
  • Any other information and legal advice on matters of general concern to Shipowners;
  • Technical matters involving technical advice in strutural engineering.
  • The Seastar technical staff, can also provide a wide range of inspection services regading surveying conditions, draft survey, on-off hire, pre-loading survey on steel products, ship's cranes, hull and machinery inspections.