The Seastar Consultoria was established in 1994, inthe city of Vitória in the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil, with the purpose of providing fast and reliable assistance to the shipping related activities, particularly to Shipowners/Charterers and their respective P & I Clubs.

Bearing in mind that the State of Espírito Santo is home of one of the fast growing Brazilian POrt Complexes, prompt, reliable and specialised assistance is evermore important to protect the interests of the P & I Club Members. Despite the existence of the sole and long-established correspondent whose work basically encompasses all P & I Clubs, we, from Seastar Consultoria, understand the benefits of establishing competition in tthis particular field as means of avoiding problems that may result, for example, from conflicts of interest in the event of a dispute between Owners and Charterers when only one traditional local Correspondent is available. Thought the establishment of competition, the P & I Associations will be able to effectively control the increases in Correspondent's fees, and more efficiently control the quality of their work.

Considering the size of the Brazilian territory, attention should be paid to the prompt response that is required in the matters of the P & I. We, furthermore, understand the importance of having a skilled in-house staff to cater for all tasks in dealing with P & I insurance. Seastar Consultoria offers a working team comprised of whell trained people, covering both the legal and technical aspects of P & I insurance coverage. Seastar also has its disposal a team of Lawyers and Surveyor Engineer able to provide prompt and reliable answers the P & I Clubs according to their needs, and at very competitive fees.

We understand that cargo claims, stevedore injuries, discharge operation, stowage, stress problems, stowaways, charter party disputes, oil pollution and suchlike are hazards are encountered daily and involve everyone. Those who are not familiar with local conditions often finds themselves at a considerable disadvantage when investigating and resolving such issues adequately.

The office of Seastar Consultoria is located in the new commercial area of the City of Vitória, close to the Port terminals. When necessary, the Port facilities can be reached in under 20 minutes. It is also important to emphasise that also close at hand are other relevant bodies in dealing with Maritime affairs, such as the Harbor Master's Office, Local Courts and Port Authority Administration. Such a location can provide numerous advantages to the P & I Associations which include the possibility of reducing their operatin costs by centralizing activities which have been until today conducted far from the city of Vitória.

In today's precarious market, claims are being pursued with great vigour and more and more professional expertise that ever before. The sudden liquidation of one of the parties to a maritime venture can leave the other parties in an unenviable and financially troubled position.